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Katie Davis: Happy Traveler, Devoted Advisor

In our Employee Spotlight series, we’re challenging the myths that often surround a career in accounting. Read below to learn about one of our unique team members!

Myth: Accountants sit at their desks all day surrounded by forms and kept company by computers.
Reality: While paperwork and technology come with the territory, accounting jobs can take you all over the country!

Take Katie Davis, an audit partner at our firm. As the leader of our Collegiate Athletics Services team, she performs audit and NCAA agreed-upon procedures work for universities across the nation.

Katie has traveled to California, Illinois, North Carolina, New Hampshire and more for her engagements. With each trip she meets new people, experiences their team and fan traditions, samples favorite local restaurants and really gets to know the schools and communities she serves. One of her favorite experiences was attending her first college hockey game at the University of North Dakota. With a raucous pep band and cheerleaders on ice skates, it was an exciting twist on the collegiate athletics atmosphere she normally gets to see.

As much fun as she has, however, her work is critical to the schools she serves. Collegiate athletics programs face strict oversight from the NCAA in their financial dealings. Any rule violations, even accidental, can result in steep penalties. So she gets great fulfilment in helping these programs stay compliant.

“It’s my team’s job to not let NCAA financial reporting requirements get in our clients’ way,” says Katie. “They’re busy enough supporting student-athletes, building championship experiences and advancing their own careers. So we want to do what we can to help them be as successful as possible.”

And being a big sports fan herself, she certainly doesn’t mind the perks! A graduate of the University of Florida, Katie is a third-generation Gator who grew up with a love for college sports and the intensity of big rivalries.

She’s also passing that love to her two young children. She and her husband often bring them to sporting events for their hometown team. And much like other parents who travel on business, she’ll often bring gifts home to her son and daughter. Christmas tree with university-themed ornamentsIn her case, however, the usual convention swag and t-shirts take a back seat.

“With each trip, I bring them a little something representing my clients,” she said. So from teddy bears to foam fingers, her kids have an impressive (and growing!) collection of college sports memorabilia. (Not to mention her office Christmas tree with ornaments from her clients!)

The world of collegiate athletics includes its fair share of exhilarating and uplifting moments. Yet what Katie finds most inspiring is what transcends the clashes of power she sees during a big game.

“What has surprised me the most is that, while teams are rivals on the field, the network of people working in collegiate athletics is the opposite,” she says. “Seeing firsthand the collaboration and support colleagues show to each other at events like CABMA, and even year round, is what makes working with these schools so inspiring.

“I’m really proud that my role as advisor to these schools helps facilitate sharing of best practices among others across the country.”