Suzanne Forbes in parrot hat and tailfeathers in front of JMCO Gainesville staff

James Moore State of the Firm 2020

It’s a new year, which means it’s time once again for our annual State of the Firm address! Decidedly less divisive than the Washington, DC version, our event includes a status update on our goals, reflections on the previous year, and a sneak peek at what lies ahead. (And in typical James Moore fashion, we also have lunch. In fact, we’re not sure if we’ve ever had an event that didn’t involve food somehow!)

This year, new managing partner Suzanne Forbes brought a bit of her Key West upbringing—and her “Work Hard, Play Hard” philosophy—to SOTF. With Jimmy Buffett’s “Volcano” playing in the background and her Parrothead hat and tail feathers in place, she tossed a beach ball covered with questions to us. Whoever caught the ball had to answer such inquiries as, “Tell us something we don’t know about you!” and “What new workplace trends could be introduced at James Moore?” It was a fun game that gave us a little insight about our coworkers and brought fresh ideas to the table. (A Coke freestyle machine at the office? Hmmmm….)

SOTF is given at every James Moore office, allowing Suzanne to reinforce her personal connection with everyone at the firm. The main goal, of course, is to keep all of us informed. While it’s always informative and insightful, however, we avoid making it your typical stodgy yearly address that you see at most companies. Past meetings have included trivia questions and matching t-shirts in a show of company solidarity for our managing partner.

Inclusion is the name of the game here. We are all responsible for our firm’s success. We are all equally important. We all value each other.

(And yes… we all enjoy lunch!)