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JumpStart: A Path for Working While Learning

It’s not easy to work while you earn your degree. Yet it’s a reality millions across the country face, whether they’re fresh out of high school or established workers making a career change. Either way it can be a difficult journey fraught with rising rent, low-salary jobs, balancing family responsibilities… not to mention studying. To help these students, James Moore created its JumpStart program.

JumpStart is made for those who need (or want) to work while pursuing their education. Flexible scheduling options take into account a student’s family obligations, school schedules and whatever else might stand in the way of their degree. They also have access to James Moore’s career advisor and mentorship programs, providing them with seasoned guidance for their careers.

Unlike a traditional seasonal internship, JumpStart accountants fill part-time positions that extend over a longer period of time. Once they graduate, these accountants can transition to full-time positions within the firm or go elsewhere if they choose.

The goal of JumpStart is to make a career in accounting more accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or background. In many cases, these students are working entry-level jobs at low or minimum wage to pay their living expenses. They might also have families, especially if they’re changing careers after years in another field. These factors make it extremely difficult to support themselves while making time to complete their coursework and study for exams.

Not only does JumpStart provide a more livable wage, it also gives students real-world experience while still in school. JumpStart accountants work on actual client engagements as they rotate through all areas of the firm’s practice: audit, tax, outsourced accounting, data analytics and other advisory service areas. This gives them valuable expertise — not to mention the opportunity to see where they might like to focus their own work.

“I always wanted to work in public accounting, but due to the lack of bridge programs at other firms, I didn’t think it was possible,” said Juanpablo Sullivan, an accounting student at Florida State University and JumpStart accountant. “I was able to leave my food and beverage job to work in accounting part time while I obtain my 150 credit hours. The flexibility and support from James Moore have been critical.”

With the knowledge and financial ability gleaned from JumpStart, the accounting field has opened up even more to students who otherwise wouldn’t have considered it. And the increased diversity of new entrants enhances the services provided in the accounting industry.

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